Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wegman's Food Bar

Let me first state the obvious: there is no place like the Pittsford Wegman's.  If we ever leave ROC, I'm buying a pair of red shoes for any future food emergency.  Then, I can just click my sparkly ruby slippers and say, "There's no place like the Mega-Weg; there's no place like the Mega-Weg, ..."

We had loved Tastings, so we were surprised when it closed.  Not that the Next Door Bar and Grill is anything to sneeze at, but the vibe is very different.  Then the Food Bar popped up in Tastings place--and it made perfect sense.  Part diner, part 21st century automat, directly connected to the grocery store you can't live without.  What's the Food Bar's niche?  It's the best place ever for an evening or afternoon when you've got the kids in tow and need to hit the Mega-Weg--but you're all starving, cranky, tired, and in need of some food ... pronto!  And, you want a fairy land in which you can make your own Coke-product from a magical, mystery billion drink machine.  Ta-da ... the Food Bar :)

Why do we love the Food Bar?  Let me count the ways ...

First, you can serve up anything you want from the in-store food bars--Wokery, Indian, Vegetarian, Salad, Pizza, Mexican, Home Cooking, Sushi, Deli, Sub, Dim Sum, Soup, Dessert, etc.--ring it up and plop done at the Food Bar.  I don't know that folks realize this, but you can!  Since the Food Bar proper doesn't have a massive menu, this increases the options exponentially.

Second, though limited, everything we've had at the Food Bar is solidly prepared, yummy, and comes in generous portions!  The kids love the chicken tenders, which are wonderfully crispy and come with plenty of fries.  My favorite is the Mahi-Mahi.  They've taken the sandwich off the menu, but trust me, you can still order it.  The Mahi is broiled, the bun is dense, holding up well to the equally dense filet of Mahi.  The fish is basted with a great marinade and ask for the citrus-soy sauce as a side; it adds a light burst of flavor.  If you want to avoid the bread, order the entree; it comes with a side.  Ask for the legendary Wegman's zucchini fries.

Third, zucchini fries!!  Ribbons of panko-coated zucchini fried to a light crisp.  Squeeze a bit of lemon over the top and prepare for a taste sensation.

Fourth, homey atmosphere where you'll run into everyone at some point or another.  The space is bright without being antiseptic; the booths are comfortable with big window views; the food comes quickly.  And, then, you just pop right in and do all your shopping, with your freshly refilled soda from that amazing dispenser which is ...

Fifth.  I cannot overstate how much the kids love playing mixmaster for their own odd ball soda combinations.  Vanilla Sprite?  Orange Coke?  It's all theirs .... with unlimited refills.  And, still, I can get my much-loved fountain Diet Coke.  Heaven!!

Yay, Food Bar!!