Saturday, October 8, 2011

King and I

So, our second meal of the day was at a favorite: the King and I.  We actually set out for somewhere different, but it was too crowded, so we zipped one parking lot over for delicious Thai.

If you've been to the K&I, you know you don't really go for atmosphere; you go for fantastically quick service and super yummy food, in generous portions.

I walked in already in the mood for Tom Kar Kai (ginger coconut milk soup with chicken), so I ordered that as my appetizer.  It was perfect:  slightly sweet with lovely slices of ginger floating in the broth along with a bit of lemon grass and cilantro.  This is such a comforting soup.  For the main course, I chose Masamaun Chicken.  Show me someone who doesn't love Masamaun, and I'll show you the face of dining evil!  You mix deeply seasoned (but not hot) creamy coconut curry with peanuts, potatoes, and onion.  It's like a hug on a plate.  I elected brown rice over regular steamed rice, a slight upcharge but well worth it.

My husband went with Tom Yum Kai (spicy lemon grass soup with chicken), and even for him, it was quite spicy.  So, he went all "mix-master" at the table and stole some of my softer coconut milk base to add to his.  It was a match made in Thai food heaven, and even the server asked him about it.  He ordered the Evil Jungle Prince Chicken, happily admitting that he was doing it purely for the name.  It was quite good but nowhere near as spicy as advertised.  A solid, rich coconut curry layered with spices, including one I didn't like that I couldn't quite put my finger on.  He loved it but would have liked more heat.

As always, the service was stellar: waters refilled every other minute, food arriving at light speed.  As the Rogers and Hammerstein's King would say, it would be a "false lie" to say anything other than that the King and I is reliably and affordably delicious!

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