Saturday, May 25, 2013

Carmine's Family Restaurant

Someday, we'll get our stuff together ... but probably not.  Which is why we were zipping across town to a dance recital in Greece and left barely enough time to grab some wraps at Tim Horton's.  Almost four hours later (trust me, I wish I were kidding), the recital was still not over, but my kids' dances were--so we decided to try to get some real dinner before 10 pm.  We had passed Carmine's on the way to the recital, so I looked it up on my phone.  Turned out they were open for 30 more minutes.  Score!!

As a family, we absolutely love places like Carmine's.  The menu is as long as the tax code; the counter servers are crazy-friendly; drinks come with infinite refills; and a family of four can eat for about $30.

My daughter has become a fan of Chicken French (it's a ROC-thang!) and got the CF dinner special, which came with penne in red sauce and a salad for about $8.  Seriously!  My son got his standard bacon cheeseburger and fries.  I went Italian Wedding Soup, and my husband ordered wings.  And, of course, there was an ice cream finale to the meal.

Would I drive across town to go to Carmine's?  Likely not.  But, would I eat there if I were in Greece? Oh, yes!  It's a non-chain, affordable, yummy restaurant with gracious service.  Nothing wrong with that!

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