Friday, September 6, 2013


Given that the all-recliner theatre of our dreams has opened in Webster, we've spent a lot more time there, and when my sister and two of her three recently visited, we made a pilgrimage to this movie mecca and needed dinner first.  The demand from the four cousins was pizza, so we set off for Proietti's.

Our table of seven split into factions: three had pizza; three had pasta; and one (guess who!) had beans and greens.  Our server was super pleasant and gracious, and she secured her tip by bringing out a lovely plate of fresh zucchini sauteed with tomatoes ... on the house.  Couple that with the soft Italian bread, and things were off to a great start.

The two pizzas were a big hit, and one was devoured completely.  The crust was thin but still had a bit of doughy "meat" to it.  The sauce had some spark and the toppings were generous.  Solid!

My daughter had chicken french of her own making:  taking the kid's menu chicken french tenders and having them served over pasta tossed with garlic and olive oil.  She loved it.

My husband went for the wild mushroom ravioli (secretly knowing that several slices of his son's pizza would be his for the taking, too).  It was richly flavored and just plain rich.  He ate half and some pizza and was a very happy man.

My greens and beans were unbelievably good:  the broth was beyond garlicky, the beans firm, the greens lovely.  Yum!!  I'd have eaten that broth over anything, honestly.

Add in one order of fettucini alfredo for my niece, and we were full and ready to settle in to our recliners for a night of entertainment.

Proietti's offers delicious Italian food at reasonable prices just down the street from the best movie theater on earth.  Home run!

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