Saturday, December 24, 2011


I'd eaten breakfast at Jine's multiple times (always good!) but never dinner--until a cold, rainy night when the kids got their hair cut at the Hair Zoo down the block, and we opted to check it out.  Given how crazily busy it is at breakfast (truly a see and be seen destination in ROC), it was weird to see it so quiet at dinner ... but it was peaceful and lovely as well.  There's no better view of Park Ave than that through Jine's huge glass windows, and the streets were shining with light reflected by the rain.

That night, I knew what I wanted straight away:  grilled cheese sandwich with chips and a pickle.  Yum!! Truly one of the world's best meals--so comforting.  My son immediately found his dinner among the specials, a Cowboy Burger: a burger on sourdough Texas toast with bacon, cheese, onion rings and barbeque sauce.  My husband elected a lobster ravioli special, and my daughter went for pasta in red sauce.

While the ravioli was declared "delicious," from the minute the Cowboy Burger hit the table, it was all my son could do to keep in on his own plate.  My husband repeated offered to "help him" with it, and my daughter ate half her pasta and then waited her brother out as well.  Thank goodness the burger was ridiculously huge!  I was perfectly satisfied with my grilled cheese (complemented with a rich and warming beef & veggie soup of the day).  We left with some pasta, half the ravioli, and stomachs full of Cowboy Burger!

There were maybe four full tables that night beyond ours.  A lovely older couple behind us found the kids particularly charming (it was a good night!), and the gentleman made them little boats out of dollar bills.  To thank them, we sent them a dessert, and then did the same for a friend who came in with her son.

Jine's is, in many ways, a perfect neighborhood spot in a fantastic ROC neighborhood.  If you've only been for breakfast, check it out for dinner (and, it goes without saying, if the now legendary Cowboy Burger is on the menu ... go for it!)

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