Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mamasan's Noodle Cafe

We are big Mamasan's fans.  It's close by, cute, and always delicious with a waitstaff that is unfailingly friendly and prompt.  I'd say that next to Chen's, it's one of our main go-tos.

So, I was curious to try Mamasan's Noodle Cafe on a cold, rainy night after work and before an evening ceremony.  I should first share that I have a phobia about parallel parking, so I had avoided the Noodle Cafe since it opened.  But, as I headed out down Mt. Hope looking for a quick place to catch a cold-soothing dinner, I noticed the lot was empty, so I braved it.

The Noodle Cafe is teeny with about 8 tables; it is brightly colored inside with citrus painted walls and sunflowers decorating the tables and windows.  The cafe offers a limited version of Mamasan's menu with an emphasis (as the name suggests) on noodles.  One of my favs at the big Mamasan's is the Vietnamese Noodle Salad, but that night, I wanted something warm and soothing.  The clerk suggested Vietnamese Curry Chicken Soup, which sounded just right.  I also ordered chicken summer rolls to get my vermicelli fix :)

The soup was delicious:  a rich, deep curry flavor captured in a light broth that was filled with yellow noodles, sweet potatoes (not a fan, but I worked around them), carrots, and chunks of chicken--with a good sized sprig of cilantro on top.  The bowl was huge--so big that I only ate half and brought home the rest.  I could feel my head clearing as I ate.  What is it about curry that makes one feel so safe and good and happy?  It's like a magical elixir!!  Yay, curry!

All hail Mamasan's--big and small, it's fantastic!

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