Saturday, December 24, 2011


It was a rainy fall in ROC, so to no great surprise, it was a cold, wet, very dark night when we went as a family to Mex.  As far as I could tell, most of the folks at Mex that evening filled their ever-popular bar, and we were one of a handful of guests in the upstairs dining room.  Thus, we had our pick of tables and chose the super-cool corner banquette.

We quickly filled our corner with lots of food!!  We started with chips and salsa and queso blanco.  Mex's queso is quite good and amazingly addictive:  we could not stop eating it, and then when we told ourselves to stop--we had a whole meal coming, after all--we started right in again.

My son ordered his usual at any Mexican restaurant, a cheese quesadilla.  It was good, but seriously, can one ever mess up a cheese quesadilla?  For the record, he dipped it in the queso (that kid has very strong bones!).

My daughter ordered the Baja Fajitas with steak and chicken, which arrived on a fully stocked platter big enough for her to sled on!  She loved it all (as did my husband and I ... it was BIG!!), and made special mention of the guacamole.  Both the steak (which was arrived medium rare, as ordered) and the chicken were wonderfully seasoned and moist, and the onions were deliciously caramelized.

My husband ordered the Tequila Lime Chicken, which he professed was quite good and very moist, but "boring."  Clearly, he wished he had ordered the fajitas--and in the end, he got both.

I ordered the Baja Burrito with shredded beef, and it was massive (probably weighing more than my daughter at birth).  It was smoky and rich, with tender beef, smooth beans, and an aromatic sauce with just the right amount of heat.  I took home half of it, even after some bites were stolen around the table.

One off note, Mex serves Diet Rite, not Diet Coke.  Seriously, who drinks that stuff??

Mex has a funky, hipster vibe that would not be out of place in Austin (they love Dios del los Muertos decorating) and great food in huge portions.  Why aren't you there right now?

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