Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fruit & Salad Company

We've driven past the Fruit & Salad Company in Bushnell's Basin dozens of times--because let's be honest, if you're in the Basin and you're hungry, it's hard to come up with a reason not to go to Tom Wahl's!  But, in the spirit of eating healthily after basketball, we passed up TW this once to try something new, and we were happy we did!

Fruit & Salad looks like a Pottery Barn inside and out.  Very Pittsford!  And, even on a grey Saturday afternoon, it was hopping.  We were surprised to see that the menu took up a full wall--everything from soups and salads to burgers and paninis.

My son, clearly not understanding that we didn't go to TW, ordered a bacon cheeseburger, but he did get a side salad instead of fries (Victory!).  My daughter stuck with her go-to, a chicken caesar wrap, and another on her hit list, chicken and rice soup.  Then, her eyes widened.  F&S carries Cheesy Eddies cakes, including her favorite, Carrot Cake.  Well, carrots are vegetables.

My husband ordered a salad and sandwich combo, Monterey Chop Salad and Harvest Turkey Sandwich (no mayo).  I got a salad and soup combo, regular Chop Salad and Cream of Chicken Soup.

The entire meal was a hit, with lots of cross plate eating.  While it was not inexpensive,  we certainly got our money's worth.  The half salads were massive and filled with chicken, veggies, croutons, and a lovely light balsamic vinaigrette.  The kids' burger was full-size with a hefty side salad (and a plentiful side of pickles, yum!).  The "cups" of soup were bowls, both delicious and large enough to share.

We'll definitely work F&S into our regular Saturday, post-basketball rotation.  Eating a yummy, vegged up salad periodically will help balance off those delicious TW Buffalo Chicken sandwiches, and the calming blue and white Cape Cod cottage interior of F&S is a lovely counterpoint to TW's Happy Days aesthetic.  Why, I think we've discovered the yin and yang of Bushnell's Basin!

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