Saturday, October 20, 2012

India House

I have written previously of our love of Indian food--and of Rochester's surprisingly deep array of Indian restaurants.  One we had not tried was India House, in part because it suffers from the dreaded "on street parking syndrome" that is kryptonite to those of us with PTPPD (post-traumatic parallel parking disorder).  Yet, we pushed on to get there because we had heard many good things.

So, we were surprised to find ourselves the sole diners one weeknight.  There's nothing that instills confidence in what is to come more than an empty restaurant.  But, we had already parked the car (on the street), so there was no turning back--which was a good thing.

I can start this at the end, with my daughter repeatedly asking if we can eat there again.  For a girl who could probably live her whole life eating an alternating cycle of grilled steak, penne with olive oil and garlic, and mac and cheese, she has a surprisingly forceful love of Indian food.

We ordered our usual appetizers: Chicken Pakora, Garlic Naan, Samosas.  All delicious.  There was less chickpea batter on the pakora than I've seen at other local Indian places, so if that's your thing, be prepared; but, having said that, the chicken was moist and yummy.  I had had a headache inducing day, so soup seemed appealing as well.  I ordered the Ginger Cauliflower; it was just as described on the menu: silky and delicious plus comforting!

Around the table, our entrees were our standards as well: daughter/Chicken Tikka; son/Tandoori Chicken; me/Bharta.  My husband threw in the curve ball: Pepper Chicken. Add in more naan and some raita, and we were good to go.

She described the Chicken Tikka as having the "best sauce ever"!  And, it was good, with a sweetness that sat nicely on top of a mild heat.  The Tandoori was plentiful, and he like it--but I'd say it was a bit overcooked.  My Bharta was wonderful, rich and deeply flavored with a building heat perfectly cooled by the raita.  I also mixed in a bit of the Tikka sauce, which made it even better.  My husband liked his Pepper Chicken, but seemed to like the Tikka sauce more and spooned it over his, too.  (Subliminal message--order the Tikka!)

India House is a Rochester staple--with outposts in Victor and a new smaller one in the old Mamasan's Noodle Shop on Mount Hope in addition to the Clinton Ave original.  And, it's stuck around for a reason.  And, yes, dear daughter, we will go back!

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