Saturday, October 27, 2012

Han Noodle Bar

Han Noodle Bar advertises itself with the slogan, "No fusion. No gimmick."  It's a small restaurant located in a repurposed house, with a no-frills white interior and--on the night we stopped in--just one overworked server.  Almost all of the tables were filled though and most folks seemed to be regulars.

While it was listed as an entree, we started with the Asian Eggplant (a big fav in our family).  There was plenty to share, in a thick, deep, smoky sauce, and it all disappeared.

While it may not have any gimmicks, Han does have a child's menu.  The kids ordered Noodle and Dumpling and Fried Chicken with Sesame Sauce.  Since she always ordered dumplings, my daughter was a bit surprised to find that this meal's were a bit more like steamed buns, and the noodles were quite thick.  She was not a fan. Nor did my son enjoy his.  But both of them really liked what I had ordered--which came in a large enough portion to share.

That was the Chicken and Broccoli with Fried Rice.  It was well prepared, with bright green nicely firm broccoli, and chicken that came in strands that the kids called "worms."  I requested brown sauce, and it was flavorful without be overwhelming.  The fried rice was okay.  I'd probably go with steamed rice in the future.

My husband ordered a special drink, coconut milk, which was literally "coconut milk" in a coconut.  He was not impressed with the flavor, but the presentation was cool.  He ordered the Five Spice Beef Shank Noodles--and quickly learned he does not like five spice.  Also, the beef was not really warm.  But he soldiered on ... and ate the kids' meals, which he enjoyed.

Overall, we would chalk this one up to a dining experiment--one that was incredibly affordable because of Han's low prices.  I guess we like gimmicks.  Lesson learned.

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