Saturday, August 2, 2014

3 Legged Pig

We were heading back from the kids' summer camp open house when we drove past a BBQ place: the 3 Legged Pig.  With our keen former Southerners' eyes, we spied everything necessary to make a great BBQ restaurant: smoker out front of what appears to be a former gas station and is now a food establishment with a logo in which a pig is encouraging you to eat him whilst drinking a Co-Cola.  Oh, yes, we're pulling over.

Turns out 3 Legged Pig is pretty good BBQ.  They have rocking deep fried pickles, which are really their own food group.  Their Cuban pork sandwich is delicious; their ribs are tender and nicely saucy; the pulled pork is moist and richly smoked.  The garlic green beans are super garlicky, but could use some salt or ham hock.  The salt potatoes--yet another food group--are soft yet firm with a good salty butter sauce.  Heaven.  The mac and cheese is a weak link: not as creamy or cheesy as it should have been.  Good fries and cornbread.

I don't know that I'd drive out to Lakeville just to eat at the 3 Legged Pig, but if I were headed to the Vintage Drive In one exit up, I might make the extra trip.  And, if I lived anywhere near, I'd eat there at least once a week, even if it were just a meal of fried pickles and salt potatoes!

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