Saturday, August 2, 2014

Raj Mahal

A colleague at work, knowing I love Indian food, had recommended Raj Mahal.  During kids-at-camp week, we ran the car in for servicing, and since the restaurant is near the dealership, we stopped in.  It turned out, we were the only customers for most of our visit--which was an odd sensation and not at all understandable because the food was delicious!

We have a sort of standard Indian order; it expands a bit when the children are with us, but doesn't vary much: samosas, bharta, chicken tikka masala, raita, garlic naan.  Sometimes we'll add in another chicken dish: butter chicken; tandoori chicken; chicken korma.  Sometimes a soup.  That night, we tried the yogurt soup, which was a very different taste: it had a yogurt tang but also a mellowing warmth.  All of the food was perfectly seasoned: the bright top notes of tomato in the tikka grounded by the cumin-y heat; the silkiness of the eggplant matched with smoky richness of the roasting.  The meal we had at Raj Mahal was among the best Indian food we've had in Rochester.

I hope Raj Mahal draws crowds regularly and our slow night was an anomaly.  It's in a sort of odd location: across from South Towne in that kind of dead zone between Marketplace and RIT.  And, it's near another Indian restaurant.  But, just focus on the food.  It will make you forget the rest.

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