Saturday, August 2, 2014

Royal Dynasty

We go to the AMC Webster almost exclusively since it switched over to recliners last year.  It's relatively close; we can upgrade our drinks and popcorn for free with the Stubb's club; and, let's be honest, it has R E C L I N E R S.  What movie isn't improved by that?

But, this created a challenge as we needed to find a new go-to movie restaurant.  We had tried a few around the theater but none were super great or consistent.  Then, one night when I was out with the kids, we decided to hang a left into Royal Dynasty.  Its neon green sign and pointy front windows just called to us.  Glad we answered.

We've now been to Royal Dynasty close to a dozen times.  One month I swear we ate there three out of four Fridays (it was a good stretch for movies).  One time we ran back after the movie because my son left his suspenders on the table (don't ask) … and they had them!  Every time the food is reliably good; the service is friendly; and the restaurant is packed.

Our standard meal: pork fried dumplings (sauce is so good and dumpling dough is satisfyingly thick); pork lo mein (slurpy with a kick); broccoli chicken (mild with wonderfully firm broccoli); beef with scallions (smoky and yummy).  If my husband joins us, we'll throw in the chicken in ginger sauce (exotic!).  And, sometimes my daughter will add the chicken with rice soup if she's extra hungry.  That's it.  The comfort of our familiar meal; the time to chat about our days before we head into the dark to sit in cozy chairs, whisper requests to pass the popcorn, and lose ourselves in the wash of light, color and sound.

Oddly, we almost always get the same table at Royal Dynasty: in the outside room against the wall.  So much so that we were silly with excitement one time because we got a table in the small inner room.  My son looked at me in surprise saying, "We never get to sit in here! This is so cool," as though we had gone behind the scenes at the museum.

Nothing fancy: just family night.  But, in the hurry of our lives, this is somehow remarkable.  Royal Dynasty is now part of our family tradition: "Remember when we came here when we saw Frozen?" "Remember when I tried your lo mein and liked it?" "Remember when those people at that table ordered the same things we did?" "Remember when it was snowing so hard we could barely get in the door?" "Remember when they had my suspenders?" Yep, I do.

Thank you, Royal Dynasty!

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