Saturday, August 2, 2014


While the kids were away at camp for a week this summer, my husband and I had oh-so-many plans.  In the end, we basically went out to dinner and then came home and collapsed with the tired joy of the suddenly idle.  One of those nights, we went to Veneto.

We must have driven past Veneto almost a hundred times (literally), but it is cursed with on street parking--which is to me as light to a vampire.  Thus, I have never even thought to suggest it.  Being childless for a week gave me a sense of freedom to break free from my fear.  And, in the end, since my husband was driving, we were safe as sundown :)

Veneto has lovely big windows that front East Avenue and a casual East end vibe that seems removed from its crowded bar scene neighbors.  The early night we went, there were only three other tables filled, which gave us a chance to talk.  As it filled up, it was easy to see how it could get crowded, though with the warm woody atmosphere inside this might be nice as well.

The service was fast and friendly.  We ordered the arancini bolognese: fried risotto balls with meat sauce? sign us up!  As a counter point, I ordered a steak salad; my husband ordered a chicken pasta special with creamy sauce and peas.  (Side note: I am NOT a fan of peas, so rarely cook them; both my husband and daughter are always excited to order them out.)

My steak was cooked right to order and quite good over fresh greens.  His chicken was tender and creamy over al dente pasta.  And, of course, the arancini was crispy creamy goodness in small globe-form.

We both agreed it would be a great place to take the kids but also that it was wonderful to have a pleasant meal in a light filled setting that was ideal for idle conversation.

Nicely done, Veneto.  I forgive you the on street parking.

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